Move Right Sports Performance is a program developed by Sandy Bertrand, MPT, and Matt Nasta, CMT. For nearly 20 years, Sandy and Matt have worked with athletes of many levels, focusing not only on treating injuries, but having the goal of returning that person to his or her sport with a reduction of injury risk.

They both had similar observations and experiences in the worlds of amateur, collegiate, professional and adolescent sports which was that there is a dangerous trend of increasing competitive levels without any awareness of movement dysfunction and injury prevention.

When the Functional Movement Systems objective movement testing was introduced to them, they both saw opportunity to integrate this reputable and reliable system into their existing practice to hopefully bring awareness of movement dysfunction and injury prevention to the average population – from non-athletic individuals suffering from unresolved pain to weekend warriors to athletes at any level.

They believe the ideal place to start with injury prevention is with the developing adolescent athlete in order to establish proper fundamental movement patterns early on; however, the program is developed to address movement disorders at any level and age. Our ultimate goal at Move Right is to bring movement awareness and injury prevention to developing athletes in our community middle schools, high schools, club sports, adult club sports, weekend warriors and beyond.

“As a parent who has endured numerous back surgeries and other issues after a lifetime of physical activity, I was excited to learn about the services offered by Move Right. Matt and Sandy of Move Right both evaluated my kids strengths and weaknesses and provided an individualized program to address their various issues which will hopefully prevent future problems. It’s wonderful to have the ability to be proactive about our children’s health.” - Cathleen K